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Parking for Historic Automobiles

This 30’ long mural was created by Kim Polomka in 2010. It is on the south wall of the 2nd level of 130 S. Nevada parking garage. The cars depicted in the mural were operating in Colorado Springs at the time. The 1951 Dodge Coronet, on the left, has an “EXIT” directional sign for its license plate. The parking meter is from the 1950’s and allows occupancy of a space up to 10 hours. The Henley Key truck on the right is a 1929 Ford delivery truck and has a “PARK” directional sign as its license plate. The mural also pays homage the parking meter maintenance and enforcement staff who are officed nearby. See below for detailed photos. (Source: conversation with the artist, Kim Polomka)

Category: Mural

Medium type: Paint (acrylic, oil, etc.)

Date created: 2010


Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

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