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Cat Shelter

This 20’ x 40’ mural of a reclining cat covers the entire north wall of the “Look What the Cat Brought In” cat shelter on east Boulder. It was painted by Kim Polomka in 2017.

The Executive Director of this ten-year-old non-profit cat shelter took advantage of a program of Indy Give that matched up the shelter with a team of four senior cadets from the Air Force Academy doing a project for a marketing/management class. The team brainstormed ways to raise the community profile of the shelter and settled on the idea of a mural. The cat used as a model for this mural was adopted from the shelter several years ago and its owner contributed to the cost of the mural. The cat had deformed back legs which cause it to recline in a posture not normal for anatomically healthy cats. This characteristic was faithfully replicated in the mural: see the toes at the right.

“Look What the Cat Brought In” is an “adoption guaranteed” shelter specializing in hard to place cats, owner surrendered cats, and kittens. It is a transfer source for Ft. Carson animal rescue and some eastern Colorado counties. They encourage people who find “lost” cats to use the Humane Society lost cat program. Since the building was an animal (including dogs) spay and neuter clinic for 35 years, the mural helps the general public recognize the changed nature of the services provided inside the building. (Source: conversation with organization’s founder)

Category: Mural

Medium type: Paint (acrylic, oil, etc.)

Date created: 2017


2129 E Boulder St, Colorado Springs, CO, 80909

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