Benjamin Steele Elementary School

Benjamin Steele Elementary School



 (719) 328-4700

 1720 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Steele Elementary School proudly strives to maintain the traditionally high academic standards which our community has grown to expect. Students attend school each day, ready to learn and demonstrate their personal best. Our staff is equally committed to excellence. They support student success through the implementation of highly effective instructional practices while “going above and beyond” to enhance the curriculum. The Steele parents reinforce strong educational expectations both at home and school. They are active volunteers and dedicated home/school partners.

Our vision is to provide optimal learning for all students. We believe that a nurturing environment in which all members of the school community feel valued is key to promoting excellence in academic and personal growth.

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Benjamin Steele Elementary School

1720 N. Weber Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80907