Canvas & Corkscrews located in Colorado Springs CO

Canvas & Corkscrews



 5490 Powers Center Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Join Canvas & Corkscrews for evenings of fun and creativity. This is a new adult venue mixing a little paint, some of your favorite "spirits," and a ton of fun! We’ll provide your canvas, paint, and brushes, and you’ll enjoy an exciting evening with friends, family or whomever. Then, at the end of the evening, you’ll have your own unique creation and, hopefully, a newfound love of art! Come solo, or grab a few friends, or a significant other… Bring a bottle of wine or other favorite beverage, then paint your own “masterpieces,” carefully guided by a talented artist. There’s a little paint, a lot of “spirit” and a whole lot of fun! This is not your average art class, this is art the Canvas & Corkscrews way!
Our friends at Monart have been gracious in loaning us their beautiful studio at the corner of Powers and Research so we can bring these events to life! We’re starting on select Thursday evenings and will hopefully grow to offer it nightly. No commitments, so join us once a month, or as often as you’d like. Private parties are also available.

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Canvas & Corkscrews

5490 Powers Center Point

Colorado Springs, CO 80920