Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group located in Florissant CO

Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group

Literary Arts


 (719) 393-3168

 804 Calle de la Nieva, Florissant, CO 80816

The Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group goal is simple: to help writers write better. Whatever participants’ writing goals are, the group aims to help make them happen. They offer many different programs: critique groups, workshops, anthologies, brainstorming sessions, and even write-ins.

Critique Groups
The three critique groups are the backbone of CSFWG. The groups are designed to give an author honest feedback on a story or poem, providing both praise and suggestions for improvement. Visitors are always welcome, but only members may submit works for critique.

How the Groups Work
The community may attend up to three meetings, critique, and participate in any event before being offered a membership and opportunity to submit work. Members may submit up to 50 pages of double spaced work. The other members critique that work and bring it back the following the month. This gives them an opportunity to give each piece time and attention. At the next meeting, comments are offered verbally by each member in turn, and then a written critique from each member is given to the writer.

CSFWG offers workshops on a wide variety of topics to help writers in all areas of the craft. These cover anything from polishing up grammar, to plotting a novel, and tips from a real coroner. All workshops are free and open to the public.

It is often hard to find a time and place to write where family, friends, and other pressing matters do not interrupt. Sometimes, having a little peer pressure can help. Take on that next writing challenge with the support of fellow writers. All write-ins are open to the public.

Brainstorming Sessions
When unable to get an idea off the group or when the need to talk through difficult plot lines arises, brainstorming sessions are handy. Brainstorming sessions are the perfect place to receive help working out of plot holes, developing difficult characters, and any other literary mess.

The group is proud to have produced three Anthologies in-house -An Uncommon Collection, Remnants, and Colorado State of Mind