Mar 05 2016
Painting the Atman, Expressing the Soul

Painting the Atman, Expressing the Soul

at SunWater Spa

Painting the Atman, Expressing the Soul:

PAINTING WORKSHOP with SunWater Spa Resident Artist LANCE GREEN

Saturday, March 5th from 10am to 3pm — $150

Expressionism is a free and uninhibited way of working with acrylic paints that allows students to bypass the limits of objectivity and paint in a totally personal and subjective manner. 

The first segment of the class involves a meditative process of applying an underpainting consisting of random colors, shapes and strokes. The second segment starts with examining and absorbing the initial impressions revealed in the underpainting, connecting with and appreciating the colors, layers and subconscious images revealed to each individual. The final product is a wonder of colorist and expressionist work, but more importantly opens a connection between the student and his/ her psyche.

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2016/03/05 - 2016/03/05

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SunWater Spa

514 El Paso Blvd, Manitou Springs, CO 80829