Feb 27 2016
Pathfinder Social Charity Event presented by Petrie's Family Games at Petrie's Family Games, Colorado Springs Colorado

Pathfinder Social Charity Event

Presented by Petrie's Family Games at Petrie's Family Games

 It is time for another Colorado Springs PFS charity event.  We have chosen to hold charity events three times a year, about every four months.  This particular event will be featuring TWO of Pathfinder Society’s special scenarios that were introduced at this year’s GENCON ‘ 15 and the Interactive Special from Season 4, PLUS “Sleep-is-for-the-Weak” Modules.
10 AM – 3 PM GENCON Special Scenarios
# 6-98 Serpents Rise
# 6-99 True Dragons of Absalom
3 PM – 8 PM Interactive Special Scenario
Race for the Runecarved Key
8 PM – Wee hours
Sleep-is-for-the-Weak Modules
The Special Scenarios portion of this event will be taking place from 10 AM-8 PM with breaks for food.  The cost to play at this event is $5 per scenario and $10 per module.  All proceeds will go to charity.  If you do not have time to attend this event but would still like to donate, please show up and we will graciously accept your donations. Sleep-is-for-the-Weak will continue into the wee hours of the morning after that.
Every player and GM will get one (1) door prize ticket per game.  Additional door prize tickets will be on sale for $5 each. Actual Door Prizes are TBD at this time.
This event will be supporting the Alpine Autism Center in Colorado Springs.  They do a lot of great work helping children with Autism, and the center is still trying to recover from flooding of the facility in August of last year. If you want to know more about them, their web site is http://www.alpineautismcenter.org/ 
Who: Everyone’s invited!
What:  Charity Event
When:  Saturday, February 27 2016
Where:  Petries’s Family Games, Colorado Springs
Why:  To support the Alpine Autism Center
Cost:  $5 per scenario, $10 per module
Goal:  $250

Admission Info

$5 – $10

Email: petriesfg@gmail.com

Dates & Times

2016/02/27 - 2016/02/27

Location Info

Petrie's Family Games

7681 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920