Oct 29 2017
PBS American Experience: Scopes’ Monkey Trial Real Facts presented by Big Ten Alumni Club Of Colorado Springs at PPLD - East Library, Colorado Springs CO

PBS American Experience: Scopes’ Monkey Trial Re...

Presented by Big Ten Alumni Club Of Colorado Springs at PPLD - East Library

The PBS documentary “Monkey Trial” shines a new light on the 1925 Tennessee trial on the teaching of evolution in public schools.

In this three event series we will be looking at the Scopes trial from a dramatic, vs. documentary vs. academic history book angle. Each author has a different axes to grind. Who is right?

Our first event will feature the award winning Spence Tracy 1960 movie “Inherit the Wind”. The next two events will feature the PBS documentary “Monkey Trial” and we will wrap up with Dr. Ed Larson talking about his Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Summer for the God’s”

A popular drama, a PBS documentary, and an academic history book all from one set of facts? How to they all go together? This is a dilemma. Each discipline has it own ax to grind. It’s like the fable of the three blind men and the elephant. It’s a wall, it’s tree trunk, no it’s an snake.

This is the culmination of our series. We have looked at the facts behind the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial from a Hollywood drama perspective (Inherit The Wind) and a PBS documentary perspective (Monkey Trial). It is now time to tie the entire story up with the 1998 Pulitzer Winning author of Summer for the Gods. Dr. Larson is accurate and engrossing in his C-Span interview.

There will be time for discussion after the YouTube presentation.

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2017/10/29 - 2017/10/29

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PPLD - East Library

5550 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80918