Sep 01 2017
Small Featured Artist Show: Amy Christenson presented by Testing Parallax at TwentyOne8 Gallery, Colorado Springs CO

Small Featured Artist Show: Amy Christenson

Presented by TwentyOne8 Gallery at TwentyOne8 Gallery

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by my adventures and friends made along the way, mostly while living in Colorado, skiing, backpacking to remote areas, summiting 14ers, rock climbing, biking or just long drives over a gorgeous mountain pass. I am moved and haunted by the vastness of nature – the beauty in life, decay and relentless rebirth.

Landscapes that are seemingly effortless with perfection of form, line, color, and light; relationships founded over a hike, a ski line or a glass of win- these moments remind me to appreciate all aspects of life and to listen to what is being offered to you each day. We are always the student, always learning, always finding more ways to grow and of course, always chasing the sun.

I hope to share my expressions, feelings and emotions with others through my art. I work in a variety of mediums and in recent years my style has become more abstract with suggestions of landscapes, animals and forms.

Currently, I am working more with cold wax and acrylics which are layers upon layers of rich custom mixed wax medium. Each layer is sanded and buffed to a soft but textured, touchable finish.  I am having a wonderful time with alcohol inks combined with India ink and micas. These pieces are created very quickly with high emotion and deep energy.

There is a releasing, airy, freeing sense to each piece, which is very reflective of where I am in life’s journey.

Admission Info


Phone: (719) 304-6844

Dates & Times

2017/09/01 - 2017/09/01

Location Info

TwentyOne8 Gallery

218 West Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO