Jun 21 2017
Essential Oils 101 presented by Testing Parallax at ,

Essential Oils 101

Presented by Yoga Studio Satya at Yoga Studio Satya

What is this I keep hearing about essential oils? How do I know the difference between essential oils on the market? How can they benefit my body? How do I bring them into my daily life?

These questions and more will be addressed in Essential Oils 101! You will learn how to take control of your health and become empowered while using essential oils.

Join Keri McCoy in this free workshop as she shares her passion for essential oils. Keri’s aims to wake people up in order to see their full potential. She works with people on various levels to help open their minds to the physical and mental barriers they set before themselves. Keri uses essential oils to help people with their physical and mental ailments in order to bring forth their “Essential Dharma,” or essential truth.

Keri is also a wife and mother of seven who chose to live in Colorado where she can be in a community of trees instead of a community of buildings. She enjoys raising her family to respect nature, each other, and follow their true path.

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Phone: (719) 203-4525

Email: yogastudiosatya@gmail.com

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2017/06/21 - 2017/06/21

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Yoga Studio Satya

1581 York Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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