Jun 21 2017
The Dub Project and Offering of Dust presented by Testing Parallax at The Gold Room, Colorado Springs CO

The Dub Project and Offering of Dust

Presented by KCOSDigitalMedia.com at The Gold Room

The Dub Project spawned from Anthony Welch, who was drumming for the band Erased at the time, and his first solo CD, which he recorded in 2003.

Beaten down by a failed marriage that ended badly along with legal troubles, the drummer released his first attempt at a solo record, “Shattered Life.”

It was rough around the edges but would lead to the formation of a live band, originally put together to do just one show. Welch wrote more songs and again a band was put together utilizing some friends and fellow band mates from Colorado Springs nu-metal act Erased.

A side project was formed. With no ideas for a name, it was dubbed (no pun intended) The Dub Project.

One thing is for certain: expect the next release from Offering of Dust to be an expressive and emotional experience for the listener full of tremendous musical arrangements that highlight the band’s signature sound with reflections of the maturity gained over the last year.

Offering of Dust has already proven that they never miss the opportunity to aurally and emotionally explore every nook and cranny of their musical creations.

Listeners can only expect to be brought in further to a truly unique and inspiring creation.

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Phone: (719) 634-4653

Dates & Times

2017/06/21 - 2017/06/21

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The Gold Room

18 S. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903