May 05 2017
‘Alchemical Remix’ Opening Reception presented by 3 Peaks Photography & Design at Plaza of the Rockies, Colorado Springs CO

'Alchemical Remix' Opening Reception

Presented by 3 Peaks Photography & Design at Plaza of the Rockies

SuZett Estell (AKA SuZieCoyote) is a Colorado-based digital artist. She spent most of her working life in the engineering field where her work was highly technical, complex and computer-centric. After retiring nearly 18 months ago, she has devoted herself to her childhood dream of becoming an artist. An avid skier and accomplished photographer, SuZieCoyote divides her time between the slopes and her play with light, color and form.

“I worked intense hours in my career with a lot of travel. I also raised two children. There was little time to indulge my artistic desires, though the urge lay smoldering all through my adult life. The camera was my primary outlet, and, though I took thousands of photographs, I never had much time to edit them.

My passion lies with the interface between our technologies and our lives. To create work that people would enjoy, I determined I would have to find a way to blend the skills I have already honed – photography and a background in computer science – with my artistic vision.

Digital art, though new (and treated with suspicion by some) allows me to leverage my skills and talents, while exploring a relatively new art form with unlimited potential. Though created in a computer, the sensual nature of my art is expressed in the careful selection of papers and inks to create rich, vibrant images to last a lifetime or longer.

As I see it, art is an expression of inner creativity and the media is secondary to that expression. Digitally, I can create works in a few weeks that would otherwise take months or years of painstakingly detailed work (if it could even be done by hand.)  The work stands on its own, but really comes alive when viewed under an inexpensive, full-spectrum color changing light bulb.

I am primarily a collaborator. The tools I use – fractal generating software, image processors such as Photoshop and native art software, such as Corel Painter – were created and perfected over many years by incredibly smart, dedicated people, artists in their own right.  I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to these people I have never met and they are truly partners in my artistic endeavors. I am also indebted to the many teachers I have had along the way who have devised and shared advanced techniques.”

This show will be on display through the month of May in the lobby of the Plaza of the Rockies.

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Phone: (719) 260-6637


Dates & Times

2017/05/05 - 2017/05/05

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Plaza of the Rockies

121 S Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903