Feb 01 2017
St. Andrew’s Recitals – Winden Trio: ‘Come Away with Us’ presented by Testing Parallax at ,

St. Andrew's Recitals - Winden Trio: 'Come Away wi...

Presented by Saint Andrew's Recital Series at Unknown

Winden Trio – “Come Away with Us.”

Phyllis White, Carol Wilson, and Joyce Hanagan with Veselka Kusma, Rebecca Harrison and Charla McGaugh.

Performing works by W. F. Bach, Goepfart, Foote, Delanoff and Ripper.

W. F. Bach, one of J.S. Bach’s sons, wrote in the 18th century and his “Trio” is the oldest work on the program. In the late 19th and early 20th century, contemporaries but an ocean apart, Karl Goepfart, German composer, and Arthur Foote, an American composer, composed in the Romantic tradition but clearly wrote for the 20th century. Robert Delanoff, German composer and Joao Guilherme Ripper, Brazilian, both born in the mid-20th century, compose in a more contemporary style.

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Tickets: $10 for adults, students are free.

Available at the door.

Phone: (719) 685-9259


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2017/02/01 - 2017/02/01

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