Nov 05 2014
The Peak FreQuency Creative Arts Collective Presents Des les arbres presented by Testing Parallax at ,

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Consisting of one Frenchman and three Norwegians, Dans les arbres is Xavier Charles (clarinet, harmonica), Ivar Grydeland (acoustic guitar, prepared banjo, sruti box), Christian Wallumrød (piano), and Ingar Zach (percussion, bass drum). Their music has been called, humorous, exotic, electronic (although they are an entirely acoustic ensemble), mesmerizing, dark, nuanced, dense and open. Although difficult to describe, this music is unique yet accessible. It is at once peaceful and challenging, griping and boundless. Their music involves deep listening which reveals musicians of consummate technique and style, every musical moment filled with grace and purposefulness.   Located in at the University of Alabama’s Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and the School of Music will be Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano sax), Tim Feeney (percussion), and Holland Hopson (electronics), all of whom have experienced telematics concerts and other forms of interactive, improvisation and cutting edge musical collaborations. This concert will be co-presented by the University of Alabama's Sonic Frontiers concert series [ ] organized by Andrew Raffo Dewar and Holland Hopson in the University's experimental interdisciplinary New College program [ ].   Meanwhile, audiences on the internet who have access to the url (not yet available) will be able to watch and listen to the musicians perform together in real-time. This performance is part of the UCCS Digital Humanity course.

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$10 suggested donation


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2014/11/05 - 2014/11/05

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