Nov 21 - 22 2014
Warren Miller “No Turning Back” presented by Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts at Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts, Colorado Springs CO

Warren Miller "No Turning Back"

Presented by Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts at Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts

The world’s leading winter sports film producer, Warren Miller Entertainment has announced its highly-anticipated 65th film will be titled No Turning Back. This new installment in WME’s annual film tradition examines the heritage that has continued to document the cutting edge of winter sports, from early alpine racing to today’s big mountain exploration.
As skiers and snowboarders, we don't spend much time looking behind us—we don't have to. Our history is all around us, in the age-old streets of the mountain towns where we gather and the quirky traditions handed down by the generations that taught us how to love winter. This year, we push forward into the unknown on Mount Olympus in Greece, in the depths of Japan, on the peaks of the Swiss Alps, on the hometown hills of Montana and more. Ingrid Backstrom, Tyler Ceccanti, Seth Morrison, Julian Carr and more world-class athletes lead us on our journey and there’s No Turning Back. “This year, we’ve traveled to some of the most exotic locations around the globe in search of the biggest mountains, and the deepest powder,” says producer, Josh Haskins. “As we continue to capture the progression of winter sports, we also pay respect to the pioneers who have paved the way over the years since Warren first picked up a camera 65 years ago.”

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2014/11/21 - 2014/11/22

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Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts

190 South Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903