Aug 20 2016
Energy of Chronic Illness Workshop presented by Testing Parallax at ,

Energy of Chronic Illness Workshop

Presented by Axion Center at Cottonwood Center for the Arts

We’ve all heard that the body completely regenerates itself every few years. So, then, why is it that so many of us have physical issues that just won’t heal, sometimes even after decades?

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, illness, obesity, fatigue, mental issues, (or even poverty,) the issue stems from what your energy (or vibration) is attracting into your life.¬†Explore this with us using the framework¬†of the Law of Attraction and the powerful tools of Neurolinguistic Programming.

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll explore the root of your pain, what positive intent you have for experiencing the pain, and how to resolve it to begin experiencing health and freedom.

Admission Info

Class fee is $40

Includes workbook, meditation recording, and cupcakes!

Phone: 719-360-5231


Dates & Times

2016/08/20 - 2016/08/20

Location Info

Cottonwood Center for the Arts

427 E Colorado Ave, Ste 210, Colorado Springs, CO 80903