Jul 09 2016
“Illness: Algebra or Journey Into Dark Waters,” presented by Dr. Abraham Nussbaum presented by Testing Parallax at Mountain Fold Books, colorado springs CO

"Illness: Algebra or Journey Into Dark Waters," pr...

at Mountain Fold Books

Dr. Abraham Nussbaum, an accomplished psychiatrist with a broad range of experience treating mental illness, will visit Mountain Fold Books on Saturday, July 9 from 7-8 pm to present “Illness: Algebra or Journey Into Dark Waters.”¬† The presentation will include a reading from his latest book, The Finest Tradition¬† of My Calling: One Physician’s Search for the Renewal of Medicine, and a craft talk on writing a medical memoir.

The people Dr. Nussbaum meets as patients are often at the loneliest and most confusing moment in their lives, hospitalized after a suicide attempt or a psychotic episode.  As a physician who strives to understand how healthcare professionals-and the community at large-can assist in the restoration of mental health through person-centered care, Dr. Nussbaum brings a unique and valuable perspective to mental health and illness.

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2016/07/09 - 2016/07/09

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Mountain Fold Books

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