Oct 19 2016
KORN presented by Broadmoor World Arena at The Broadmoor World Arena, Colorado Springs CO


Presented by Broadmoor World Arena at The Broadmoor World Arena

Certain bonds last forever. No matter what happens, they can’t be bent, bruised or broken. There’s something indescribable that fastens them together, and the links only tighten with time. The members of KORN built that kind of bond back in 1993 the first time that Jonathan Davis, James MunkyShaffer, Reginald FieldyArvizu, and Brian HeadWelch decided to make music as a unit. They shed blood, sweat, and tears in the studio and on stage, fashioning an undeniable, unsettling, and unique sound that would permanently alter the course of rock music.

KORN have come a long way since their iconic self-titled debut, and they haven’t stopped challenging themselves or heavy music. Why is that? It all goes back to that irreplaceable and inimitable bond. “Our bond is at its tightest,” concludes Head. “Munky, Fieldy, Ray, Jonathan, and I strengthen each other. It’s incredible having my friends back in my life. The fans are amazing. This is all for them. We have a gift, and we’re giving it to them. They’re uplifted by what we do. That’s the biggest thing. There’s nothing better than that.”

Admission Info

$32.50 – $58.25

Phone: 719-477-2100

Dates & Times

2016/10/19 - 2016/10/19

Location Info

The Broadmoor World Arena

3185 Venetucci Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80906