Kathleen McFadden

Kathleen McFadden


Website: http://www.rangegallery.com


   1485 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, CO, 80907

Kathleen McFadden’s style has been described as Contemporary Western. She creates her photographs using a variety of vintage film cameras, dating as far back as 1894. Her techniques are as unusual and interesting as the images that result.

Razor sharp wit, Western sensibility, an appreciation for the often overlooked. When all these things come together beautifully, it’s a Kathleen McFadden original photograph.

Kathleen chooses her subjects deliberately, carefully shooting with technical expertise developed over 30 years of professional work in the photography industry. She captures Western Americana with her vintage cameras like no other photographer. She carries on the craft of film photography, appreciating the process as much as the unique results that each of her 35 old cameras yield.

Kathleen was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle where shooting often meant guns and ammo more than cameras and film. Excelling in both, her favored sport is small bore silhouette. The McFadden family often traveled from Amarillo to Kansas where her grandparents worked the land and raised cattle on the small family farm. Her photography style is greatly influenced by time spent in both places.

She received an A.A. in Journalism from Amarillo College, then went further west to attend the University of California, Santa Cruz where she graduated with honors with a degree in Environmental Studies. From the age of 16, she worked in the field of photography, from camera stores and labs to commercial photography.

Upon graduation, Kathleen opened her own camera store in San Luis Obispo, California. For over 11 years, she ran a successful store with an adjacent gallery featuring her own fine art photography. However, desiring a change of scenery, and missing her family, she headed for Colorado.

Kathleen opened Range Gallery first in Manitou Springs, then relocated that gallery to historic and touristy Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs for five years. Now in her seventh year of business in Colorado, Kathleen’s gallery is at 1485 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 160, Colorado Springs. The gallery is a beautiful backdrop for her evolving work that includes more Colorado images taken in her own unique modern western style as well as black and white images.

Kathleen’s portfolio is diverse, varied in style and subject matter. But all of her images have one thing in common, each photograph stirs emotion and moves people to revisit overlooked places, people and things to see them in a new way. Take a look at her vast portfolio of work and step into the real west.