Natalia Perez del Villar

Natalia Perez del Villar


 (720) 771-7223

   7440 E Princeton Ave, CO

Natalia Perez del Villar is a Flamenco dancer from Spain. Natalia was the artistic director of “Embrujo Flamenco” for 5 years, preparing and directing all her shows. She also worked with Pablo Rodarte in his company Dance EspaƱa as a soloist dancer.

Flamenco Underground was founded by Natalia on 2011 offering shows with live Flamenco music, singing and dancing with local artists and also bringing artists from other parts in the USA and from Spain.

Flamenco Underground performs regulary in the Denver area as well as other parts of Colorado.

Natalia offers Flamenco Dance Classes in Denver and Colorado Springs Flamenco Guitar Classes are also available.

Flamenco Underground is available for small events as well as bigger productions. We have different programs for private parties, restaurants, theaters, schools, nursing homes, etc. Please contact us if you are interested in having Flamenco Underground in your event.