Scott Baker

Scott Baker


   615 maple st, colorado springs, co, 80903

 My Story…..
Who would have thought that for myself, my great escape would be spending countless hours in a dusty and dirty world of chaos just to find some artistic peace!

The story begins with find amazing inspiration. I have uncovered a love for woodcarving completely by mistake!

Knowing that I am a artist from a early age, my first passion has always been drawing. The woodcarving seed was planted by a twisted piece of wood that I could see a image in, this gave me some peace mind, with it Being such a unique gift of art I started to inquired about more of the art form and keeping it with in my renaissance feel.

A trip to a black powder rondevu , and middle earth was all it took to get me ‘hooked’ and from that point forward the wood crafting has become one of my favorite places to escape too! The true credit and inspiration for my art goes to my family and me learning to see things others can’t.
Being pushed by friends and family to get my art out there, I decided to give Etsy a try! I opened my Etsy shop because I wanted to showcase my hidden talent and share it with others the joy and passion I find through my work. Starting with nothing more than a cut piece of wood, I shape my artwork with chipping tools and belt sanders. Most of my supplies consist of natural discarded wood. All of my products are finished, oiled, protected, the natural wood and gives our work its sheen. Each product is a unique, one of a kind carving. Although I may create similar styles, no two pieces are the same. I guarantee all of my products as hand finished reclaimed wood. Thank you for shopping with me, I promise to provide exceptional customer service and quality products each and every time.