Alicia M Shober

Alicia M Shober


   First Century Studios, 80949

Alicia M Shober specializes in nature travel photography through her studio First Century Studios. It’s a little bit travel and little bit nature with a dash of adventure. Often times people can’t afford, either in time or money, to go around the world to see the great beauty that the earth has been blessed with. Alicia brings that beauty to your door – not just in a generic postcard taken by some anonymous photographer, but by an artist that you can actually connect with. You can join the adventure around the world. Which makes the exotic art now hanging on your walls much more personal.

Alicia doesn’t just bring you standard tourist fare. She is committed to bringing you the world the way it was viewed by people in the First Century – fresh faced and clean. Giving all a chance to start a new millennium over the same way – fresh and clean.

When Alicia takes aim with her camera lens, years of continent exploration, global friendships and nature appreciation guide the shutter and photo perspective.

Although Alicia was born in a hospital in the upper Midwest, her parents packed up and moved to South America when she was just six, forever changing her view of people and place, and leaving her with a lingering need to travel regularly. Thus, Alicia travels outside of the U.S. about every two years in search of new views. But every angle contains her inspiration—a view of the Creator.

It was when she had returned from South America, and was in high school that photography as a love was birthed. Not wanting her to take up flying, her mom suggested photography. It was a lasting match! In addition to training in high school, she minored in photography in college, where she won an art scholarship, and continues to sharpen her skills today with classes and practice.

Combining photography and travel, among Alicia’s collection will be found landscapes and unusual views of New Zealand, England, Italy, Australia, many places across the US, and Colorado where she currently resides at the foot of Pikes Peak.

Alicia’s first juried show was at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs. Since then she has appeared in two solo shows plus other art shows in the state of Colorado. She also displays her art in local churches who emphasize art.

Alicia is committed to helping those in need – a portion of all profits from First Century Studios will go to the Crossroads Foundation in Hong Kong who connect those in need with those who can help.