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Colorado Springs Food Rescue

Colorado Springs Food Rescue located in Colorado Springs CO

The mission of the Colorado Springs Food Rescue is “to cultivate a healthy, equitable food system in the greater Colorado Springs community.”

In addition to increasing access to healthy, fresh foods (with 317,186 pounds redistributed in 2016 alone), CSFR has included food education as a programmatic priority since 2015. In 2016 they expanded our Full Circle Food Team (FCFT) community-based youth development program to three school districts (D 2, 11, & 20). FCFT-led accomplishments in 2016 included the creation of new school-based food rescues (e.g. Fountain Valley School and Sierra High School), community cookbooks, food waste reduction media, participation in immersive field trips, management of healthy food distribution programs and lobbying at the Colorado state capitol for food security.

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