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Troy DeRose

Troy is one of the original members of the Modbo Collective. He graduated from Mesa State College with a BA in Fine Art – Painting in 2002. Troy lives in Colorado Springs and in addition to painting currently works as a graphic designer with his wife Sara under the moniker Fixer Design. I am fascinated by irony: double meanings that can make you squirm uncomfortably, make you laugh, and then bring you to tears. This show is meant to take a comical and biting look at the ways we attempt to restrain our secret motivations: ambition, friendship, fear, pride and loyalty (among others) and expose the ways in which we try to hide our true motivations from those around us; the ways in which we “play nice.” In an attempt to emulate this restraint, I decided to impose my own restrictions on the work by limiting my canvases to square proportions as well as limiting the color palette to only four colors.

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