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Terra Sheridan

Well….I come from a long line of artists in my family. From gr8 grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, my mom and me. They really never did anything with their talents. I started showing my stuff after about fifteen yrs of not painting. Just got to busy with life. I was in individual art development in high school. But was too shy. I didnt like to talk about my work. Too personal. I started about a yr ago…again. My daughters teacher new I was an artist,because my daughter would just blurt it out to everyone what I was working on that week. LOL. Any who…they asked me if I would donate a peice to a family that had a child that was going to die of cancer. They didnt have any $ for the funeral. My daughter being a premie…and going thru that horror…and paying over $80,000. I felt for them. It was a silent auction…so I said yes. they later told me that it went for over $5000.00. That was the slap in the face for me. To wake up and do something. I have sold over 200 peices sence I started again last yr. Painting, pottery, mixed media is my passion. I’m learning more and more everyday….some day I’ll go to school for it….I’ve been so greatful for all the support and comments….it helps me learn.

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