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Stephanie Williams

Originally from Northwest Indiana, I studied at Indiana State University and obtained my BFA in Fine art, and BA in Art History. Due to an invitation from a family friend, I moved to Colorado Springs in 2003 after a brief stay in Wisconsin. Much of my art work deals with identity. It’s narrative, simple, yet ambiguous. I am not always comfortable with being visually blunt with the images; therefore, I sometimes choose to convey the meaning in a way that’s suggestive. I find that the work is more compelling. Often times, the images are autobiographical, as I will depict events from my own past or my family’s history. I try to capture the essence of that particular memory in my visual interpretation. I don’t have a particular medium I’m consciously drawn to, but I enjoy working in a variety of techniques like painting, printmaking, and collage, as well as materials – acrylics, pastels, charcoals, and graphite. I consider which technique/material will be the best in expressing the image I have in mind or already pre-planned and sketched out, and proceed from there.

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