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Pamela Fickes-Miller

Pamela Raye Fickes-Miller, “Raye,” brings together the threads of her life as an artist around the world to bring us compelling photographs that capture art in everyday urban life and sometimes in the detail and in abstract beauty of urban architecture.

The last 6 years Raye has captured rich images in Paris where she immerses herself in the urban environment to capture life stories.

Raye knew from an early age that she was destined to be an artist, and throughout her life she relentlessly sought opportunities to develop her knowledge and skills in the arts. As she studied and practiced disciplines in the arts- painting, interior design and architecture, jewelry design, textiles and photography each of these provided a thread that would define her art.

Raye’s art has been influenced enormously by her experience living abroad in Syria, Canada and France and by her extensive travel in South America, the Middle East and Europe. These experiences not only introduced Raye to “fearless photography” but also exposed her to the infinite panoply of colors, textiles, architecture and most of all of people that one finds when one slows down to see rather than just look. As Raye puts it. “Through my lens I want people to see and share in the art that is there in the detail, in the light and the people when one slows down to see.”

All of these threads of life are apparent in Raye’s work.


Ÿ        B. F. A. Interior Design

Ÿ  While in Paris Raye studied p

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