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Klayton Kendall

Klayton Kendall is the co-creator of the television, radio, and web program Colorado Culture Cast. In 2007 Klayton launched a web-based program called Springs Culture Cast. An instant hit with audiences in the Pikes Peak Region, the show was quickly picked up for radio broadcast by KRCC-FM. Television broadcast on KBDI-PBS and the Pikes Peak Library District Channel soon followed. During his years with the show, Klayton produced over 200 video segments highlighting arts and cultural events in the State of Colorado. In 2011 he produced three arts segments for Rocky Mountain PBS. Klayton has published numerous books, and his writing has appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pilgrimage, Ginger Hill, NEWSPEAK!, Tempered Steel, Steampunk Tales, Slope, and in other publications. Klayton holds a BA in English from Rivier College in New Hampshire, where he graduated summa cum laude, and an MA in English from Colorado State University. He currently teaches in Minnesota.