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Kent Stuck

Like many in the profession, I am driven by my love and passion for photography. It is my art form and artistic expression of what I observe, see and feel. Observing people is always fascinating. When you can capture not only the looks of a person, but their personality and the characteristic of who they are, how cool is that? Our photography is the visual expression of the passions of my soul. Dance and human form has been one of my favorite subjects. The body can so miraculously express the passion and emotion of the soul. When you capture the essence of that you capture the artistic expression of one’s being.

When you are selecting a photographic artist for your portraits, what is it you are looking for?
For one, you want a professional when you are looking to invest your in fine art portrait. My wife, Sharon and I often work together. She is very likeable, has great eye for photography and is one that helps people get what they want. I have been photographing about thirty years, am a certified professional photographer through PPA, have been published numerous times and have won my share of photographic awards. While qualifications are a part of it, we think people are looking for something more than just a company who is excellent at their craft and has a passion for what they do. They want people who care about meeting their needs and about what is important to them. They want someone who cares about the relational aspects of photography such storytelling, emotional con

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