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Kathleen Murray

 I am Kathleen Murray and I am a butterfly.

I emerged from my cocoon and my life as a caterpillar on the day I retired. I looked around and saw color and light and was happy. Like any good butterfly I flitted from one beautiful thing to the next never stopping long. Thus I have amassed a huge collection of styles and teaching philosophies. I either have no recognizable style or I have a dozen. Take your pick. Mostly I gravitate toward loose and fluid emphasizing light and color. My current favorite colors, and like any good butterfly I am fickle, are the colors of sunshine and summer. I am flitting off now. I see some lupines that are an amazing shade of blue violet.

Kathleen is a Signature member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and the Southern Colorado Watercolor Society and an associate member of Western Colorado and Colorado State Watercolor Societies.

Kathleen has been honored with many awards at various shows and venues across Colorado. She has taught at the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake, Colorado, and is now teaching privately in Colorado Springs.

Kathleen preferred painting style may be described as story-telling. She is currently exploring various experimental techniques to further express her point of view.

Kathleen has studied extensively with noted artists in Colorado, New Mexico and Costa Rica. Her art can be seen at


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