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Johanna Goodman

“I don’t know where I am going til I get there”
My art tells the story of my life. It is inspired by places, people and ideas I’ve loved.
The caves of Altamira and Lascauux, the exquisite tiles of the Alhambra,prayer rugs of Tibet, deserts of Morroco, the deserts of the American southwest, and the rockfaces of Colorado have given me the impetus to create.
People I have admired, Amelia Earhart,Georgia O’Keefe,Jack Kennedy , Nelson Mandela, and Frida Kahlo becomes part of my life and the lives of others when I build their visage on a chair. The chair becomes an image/object.
I am also moved by social and political ills and issues.
D.N.A. deals with the ethical issue of sciences’ invasion in our private lives.
Big Rust series uses animal forms to express the human condition, echoing basic needs such as Hunger or Thirst.
It is natural for me to work in a wide variety of media.
I begin with an idea and find the appropriate medium to express it.
I work with fabric, all types of paint, clay, wood, bone, rust, handmade paper, metal and found objects.
I am attracted to everyday materials, some of which we are in contact with every day. I like to create the new from the old, similar to ancient cities, built one on top of the other.
The challenge and fusion originates from the juxtaposing unlike objects, images and ideas to create a new blend.
The poetry comes from the harmony of that mix.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (*one-person exhibition)
Jan 29 –April 30 2011-Sangre de Cristo Museum exhi

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