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Jimmy Descant

Jimmy Descant Severe Re-Constructivist, Rocketships a Specialty Salida, CO. When I started creating assemblage art, I saw in the parts I was finding at thrift stores and flea markets my own vision of what craftsmen before me knew. That details, many unseen, were the true key to vision and expression. After a long period of art history ignorance for the sake of true inspiration, I have found myself in the artists’ past and have compounded on past ideas of collage and have made my form my own. The rocketships were first due to an old vacuum and it’s lines. Now after 14 years the form takes a larger shape, a tactile mural, a bowling ball planet, etc.; and what were sequentially numbered now have purpose and positivity. All my Cyclops are self portraits, and every self portrait I have done has been of a Cyclops, as I really was a teenage Cyclops. There is no welding in my work. I find parts that have never seen each other that mesh and form my style in a clean professional fit. My work contains nor depicts any form of guns, bullets, or bombs. They are for the peaceful exploration of time, space, ideas, and cultures. Recycling is a major key, and the finding of the raw materials is a large share of the end result, of which I am a professional in acquiring the vintage and beautiful in out of the way places. After losing all at my former home and shop in New Orleans, I have found that the world is still full of inspiration and the means to get to the r

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