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J Clark Wider

There Is Life After Retirement! As the song goes, "old soldiers never die", however, this old soldier has far from faded away. With a distinguished military career as a soldier and as a marine, followed by an equally distinguished career as an artist, Jim Wider isn’t done yet. From his studio in northern Colorado Springs, he continues to make a difference, and has even influenced the lives of current Fort Carson soldiers in a number of ways. Jim Wider’s military career began with the 11th Airborne Division in 1954, and he saw service in Augsburg and Kitzingen Germany. He also served as an infantryman with the USMC during his twenty years of duty, as a part of a number of Far East and Mediterranean cruises, serving in Korea, Okinawa and Japan. Rounding out the remainder of his military service in armor, he was stationed at Fort Carson under combined arms, 4th Infantry Division, before he retired in 1975. Upon retirement, Mr. Wider, who had produced a fair amount of art as a soldier overseas, opened up his Southwinds Fine Art Gallery. The Southwinds Gallery was located on Weber in downtown Colorado Springs, as well as outside the west gate at Peterson Field on Powers, before arriving at its current location at 16575 Roller Coaster Road (corner of Roller Coaster Road and Baptist Road) on the edge of the Black Forest. Jim Wider was also a charter member of the Arati Artists Gallery in Old Colorado City. From those locations, Mr. Wider’s art has enriched the lives of

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