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Gaby Oshiro

Kintsugi Art Installation

Painting each portrait, looking at pictures very closely and rebuilding each glance, smile, gesture that it was vanished with time. After forty years, I became the portraits. Taking as a protagonist the Buddhist precept “Niuga, ganiu” – “I enter, enter myself.”

Putting some parts of myself after reading Andrés Asato’s book “No Sabían que Eramos Semillas” written about the seventeen Japanese-Argentinean “desaparecidos/disappeared” in Argentina during the ’70s dictatorship that killed 30,000 of its citizens. I also had the chance to talk directly with the relatives of many of the “desaparecidos” for more insights and anecdotes.

With each brush stroke, I was trying to let go some of that emptiness that flooded the lives of the families touched by the tragedy of having a “disappeared” person.

I took the responsibility to make my father and the other sixteen, to become real again. to turn them in color and bring them among us once again for a special occasion.

“Kintsugi” is the art of recognizing the beauty in something broken, reconnecting the broken pieces with gold, at the end it becomes a new object.

I thought that it was a perfect metaphor for ourselves, to remind us that we have the courage to face the pain, that we will never forget the ones we lost, but at the same time we can heal the wounds with art/gold (Kintsugi) and walk in the present with our heads high, showing our resiliency and carrying out the will of those who are not here physically

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  • Kintsugi Art Installation, Library of Congress, Argentina.


  • Kintsugi Video

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