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Dave Voth

One foul and blustery night in Chicago’s September, two loving, but unfortunate souls begat a redfaced boychild. That ill behaved twister of brown shag became Davoth, the art monger whose work now assaults your very eyes. The wide-eyed journey from multidirectional boychild to multidirectional manboy that began that ominous night is still under way today in the forests, peaks, pubs, and alleyways of Colorado. Recent years have brought Davoth from painted wood and metal dimensional forms to mixed media wall art partially in response to his Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, thus the desire for quick drying acrylic paint, which can be layered in rapid succession, even when copiously scraped on with a nimble pallet knife. Experimentation with primitive and innate art sensibilities is also central in his work. The mindless child’s scrawling of mustaches and filling in of O’s and P’s, the painted power struggle between the rogue graffiti artist and their artless corporate counterpart, the narrative cave murals of ancient humans; these sorts of things all seem to be universal to the human occurrence and warrant exploitation. Davoth’s work has been shown in many group and solo exhibitions around Colorado Springs and Denver, won some awards, and his work resides in several corporate, scholastic, and personal collections.

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