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Daniel Eaton

I’ve been writing music and recording it since I was about fourteen. I’ve always been after it. Music possesses something very special. Something you have to look closer to pick up on. But once you do, you’re gone forever more. As is the case with me. Music is my religion. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the very term religion means, ‘a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion." In my life, music is God. On December 16th of last year, something spoke to me. I was in between houses, staying with some good friends making a song by myself. I had been very depressed over a break up that had happened about a month prior. But as I finished the song, something came to me. It felt like it was covering my body. It was telling me, "keep writing these songs and I’ll take care of you. I’ll get you where you need to go." It was then that I was reminded of my good friend David Strackany, who I had met through shows. Under his moniker ‘Paleo’, he had years before, written recorded and published a song everyday for 365. I felt that this was what the voice was talking about, and I thought about it for around five minutes before very devotionally, I decided to do it. Not to try it. But to do it. No matter what. ‘Making noises into my phone in the emergency room’, no matter what. I still have a little ways to go, but nevertheless, I am going. Along the way I have learned so much, and I have gone through life changing shows and events with my dear close friends which would have been an

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