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Carol McIntyre

“I don’t like abstracts, but I like yours,” is a statement Black Forest artist Carol A. McIntyre often hears when people first look at her ethereal abstract paintings. What makes her abstract paintings compelling?

Through her harmonic use of color and soft touch with the palette knife and brush, McIntyre’s imaginary mindscapes inspire you to stop and venture into spaces you may have not wandered before or perhaps to somewhere familiar.

Throughout McIntyre’s painting process, she is in a state of discovery as she responds to the shapes, lines and colors in the painting. As she begins to sense the ‘voice’ of the painting, she heightens certain shapes by making them the focal area or hides them beneath other layers. The multiple paint layers create a sense of mystery inviting you into the painting to experience its depth.

The other salient feature of McIntyre’s work is her colors. Each painting, with its own color palette, sings in harmony. She strives to evoke emotions while inviting you to ask questions. Her wish is to make you want to keep coming back for more so that you may explore your own spirit and what you want to become in this lifetime.

McIntyre paints with oils, acrylics and uses collage. Her favorite tool is the palette knife. Her first layers on the canvas are not paint but a few layers of gesso which provides the initial texture of the painting. As she paints, she alternates between her palette knives and brushes. Surprises often occur throughout t

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  • "Interior Quest" 18x24

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