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Archtop Eddy

Archtop Eddy has been playing music for the folks in the Pikes Peak region since the 1970’s. He has played in reggae bands (Raku, Mo’ Mungus) funk and rock bands, and Colorado’s first gypsy jazz band (Mango fan Django). Throughout his many years playing in the region, Archtop Eddy has met many wonderful people and built a vast collection of music in all types of genres.

Recently, he began to explore the world of the solo artist. This has opened new opportunities to share music without remaining within the limits of a single or a few genres. The events and memories in people’s lives are often accented by the music of these times. With his solo act, Archtop Eddy aims to explore these times. He focuses on songs with great melodies and lyrics from the 1920’s to the 1990’s: instrumentals, vocals, great American song book, Latin, Caribbean and European.

Archtop Eddy believes music should be fun to listen to and easy to enjoy. He also believes there is more to these songs than just the music. Often behind the songs are the true stories. The turn in the lyrics or melody can take one back to times special to their lives and history.


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